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Hey, just wanted to say thanx for taking the time to visit my site. I guess you came here cos u wanna know a bit about me huh? you didnt? Oh...well why the hell u click the link then? ah well. Well you here now so here ya go...

Name: Kamran Rastegar (aka FortyFive, Chilly-T, The prick in the bushes)
Birthday: 7th April 1983
Favourite Movies: Run Lola Run, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Dazed and Confused, Idle Hands, Seven, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Final Destination, Requiem for a Dream.
Favourite Groups: Insane Clown Posse, NIN, NOFX, Less than Jake, HIM, Amen, taproot, tupac, DJ Cam, Incubus, American Hi-Fi, No Doubt, Korn, Twiztid, Smash mouth, 3EB, Remy Zero.
Favourite Food: Mexican...No wait Italian...No wait Chinese...No, its definately Mexican
Favourite TV Shows: Jackass, Sex and the City, Neighbours, Sopranos, That 70's Show, Popular.
Stuff I do but not very well: Skateboard, play guitar, make beats, rap, make websites, go to uni
That's pretty much it. hope you enjoyed reading about me, now get back to the site and don't forget to check out the downloads section. Without a doubt the most Carly Pope related destop downloads anywhere.