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Carly Pope Newsletter  
June Issue    

Carly Pope UK

Carly Downloads

News on the Carly Front:

Hey hey. The UK FHM is out now and has 3 more pictures not in the US version.  So you can get them at my site as of this very second.  The interview is the same as the US one so nothing special there though

-Kamran Rastegar

Health of the sites:

Carly Pope UK has dropped from an average of 40 hits per day to an average of 20 hits per day. Although that is partly my fault for lack of updates but im getting back on track!

Carly Downloads is maintaining an average of 12 hits per day which i am quite impressed with seeing as it has been up for less than one month.

Site in the Spotlight:

Rememebr the site in the spotlight is still Lisa Snowdons home. Check out this gorgeous woman at her sight and next month will be a new site in the spotlight:

Carly Picture of the Fortnight:

Here is one of the three new pictures in the UK edtion of FHM, go:

Other stuff you may like to know:

Well you may want a bit of info on the film "Finders Fee" in which she stars and is looking just as good as ever. If you want to then go here:

Finders Fee Official Site

Thanx for reading this issue! Until next time!

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