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Do you have questions?!?

Uncle K can answer 'em (that's me).  Just Email me asking any question and I will not rest until I have proven my worth by answering the question...go on, test me =) but for now here are a few answered:

Straight from Carly's mouth:

How do they do Carly's Hairstyles in Popular?
Carly says "How? Crazily!

Is Popular filmed in Los Angeles, and how does she like living there?
The show is filmed in Los Angeles, but Carly would "much rather be living back at home."

Was Carly in Disturbing Behaviour?
"I was in a flashback scene that you can only catch on the DVD version. Blink and you'll miss it!"

What kind of music does she like?
Reggae, hip hop, acid jazz, German electronica, drum and bass, jungle.

Besides acting, has Carly ever considered a different job?
Carly says that she has considered hundreds. "I would most like to be a grade-school teacher."

What does Carly find sexy in a person?

Who was her first kiss and what was it like?
Carly had this to say: "I was 11, and it was sloppy."